Current Work

Big Data for Policy Innovation

I lead a data science team that has integrated over 800 data sets from government and the private sector into an anonymized and secure database for studying and improving public policy. When properly secured, anonymized, and optimized for research, administrative data can be put to work to help government programs better serve those in need.

Disrupting HIV Transmission

The actual transmission network between HIV-infected individuals is unknown, but gene sequencing of new infections can reveal patterns of transmission. I serve as the bioinformatician on an NIH-funded project to implement new methods that analyze sequences from newly-infected cases to disrupt HIV transmission, with the ultimate goal of making Rhode Island the first state to get to zero new infections.

Measuring HIV Drug Resistance

Modern gene sequencing technologies can monitor HIV infections with high precision and have the potential to improve and personalize drug therapies for treating HIV. I research methods for measuring drug resistance in HIV-infected individuals using gene sequencing. I also work with an international group of HIV researchers to recommend future standards for clinical applications of these methods.

Technology for Research

I have a deep knowledge of the technological needs of researchers, drawing from my background in computer scientist, my practical experience, and my own research projects. Earlier in my career, I was the technical architect for a secure computing environment at Brown University that served over 150 researchers across 17 labs and centers in fields such as public policy, economics, public health, and biomedical informatics. I have also conducted performance studies on large computing clusters and developed methods for managing research software and tracking complex analyses of big data.


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